How BioHarmonizer products work

Electromagnetism and biology

Electromagnetism plays an essential role in the functioning of life on Earth.

Living beings such as humans, animals and plants are bioelectrical. They depend on electromagnetic activity on earth to maintain their biological coherence.

The rhythms of life, such as solar cycles and Schumann frequencies, also play an essential role in our ability to generate energy and maintain vital functions such as eating, sleeping, reproducing and many others.

Interaction with these natural, subtle electromagnetic fields enables organisms to stay in tune with them, guaranteeing good health and general well-being.

However, increasing exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields, created by modern technologies, can disrupt this harmony and lead to a variety of health problems.

Problems caused by artificial electromagnetic fields

Artificial electromagnetic fields, generated by electrical and electronic devices, disrupt the natural synchronization with the rhythms of life. This desynchronization leads to various problems that worsen over time.

These negative effects on body systems are constant, cumulative and lead to a deterioration in health. When a certain limit is exceeded, the consequences of exposure become permanent and irreversible.

At the cellular level, exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields leads to excess calcium in the cells, causing imbalance and oxidative stress in the body. This stress has adverse health consequences, progressively weakening the immune and nervous systems.

How BioHarmonizer products work

BioHarmonizer products, such as the Home Dome and the Pendant, have been designed to create an electromagnetically stable and balanced environment, using piezoelectric energy and paramagnetic properties. They interact with the artificial electromagnetic fields present in our environment to harmonize them and restore natural conditions conducive to the health and well-being of living organisms.

When your body comes into contact with a BioHarmonizer product, excess body voltage discharges to earth, enabling a better magnetic connection to the Earth. This connection facilitates your body's synchronization with the natural rhythms of life, providing a beneficial reset effect.

By using a BioHarmonizer in your home, you transform the electromagnetic environment, filtering and aligning the electrosmog present. This transformation usually takes place over a period of 48 to 72 hours, creating an environment conducive to life.

By taking a BioHarmonizer with you when you travel, you maintain your electromagnetic balance continuously, improving your concentration, energy and general well-being, even in situations where you are exposed to significant sources of electrosmog, such as public transport or work environments.

The BioHarmonizer takes advantage of piezoelectric energy to create a balanced, healthy electromagnetic environment. Here's how it works:

Piezoelectric energy

Piezoelectric energy is a form of electrical energy produced when certain materials, such as crystals, are subjected to mechanical pressure. This property enables the BioHarmonizer to generate subtle energy and interact with surrounding electromagnetic fields.

Paramagnetic properties

The materials used in the design of the BioHarmonizer have paramagnetic properties, which means they are attracted to magnetic fields and can influence them. This characteristic enables the BioHarmonizer to interact with the magnetic fields present in your environment and harmonize their energy.

Interactions with the body

When your body is in contact with or close to the BioHarmonizer, it is able to discharge excess body voltage back to Earth, restoring electromagnetic balance. At the same time, you connect magnetically to the Earth, synchronizing your body with the rhythms.

Electrosmog reduction

Through its interaction with electromagnetic fields, the BioHarmonizer helps to reduce electrosmog, i.e. the electromagnetic pollution created by electronic and electrical devices. This reduction in electrosmog creates a healthier environment for biological beings (humans, animals and plants).

Using BioHarmonizer in different environments

The BioHarmonizer is designed to be used in a variety of environments, to create a healthy, balanced space wherever you are. Here are just a few examples of how our products can be used:

At home


Place the Home Dome in the center of your home to harmonize the electromagnetic energy of your living space and reduce exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields.

At work


Take it with you for personal protection against electromagnetic fields in the office, especially if you work in an environment where exposure to electronic devices is high.

On the move


Use the Pendant when traveling by car, train or plane to maintain your electromagnetic balance and stay connected to the Earth's natural electromagnetic fields.

In public places

Blurred crowd of unrecognizable at the street

The Pendant is also useful in public places such as shopping malls, railway stations, airports and cinemas, where exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields can be significant.

In short, the BioHarmonizer significantly improves the quality of your home environment, reducing the impact on your health and well-being.

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