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How would you like to become an affiliate?

We are delighted to introduce you to our affiliate system, which offers a lucrative opportunity to generate additional income from your marketing and promotional efforts. Please read carefully the conditions, rules and commissions associated with our affiliate program.

General conditions :

● You must have purchased at least a Starter Pack.
● You must respect our values and policies, and not engage in fraudulent or illegal practices when promoting our products.
● Your membership of the affiliate program is subject to our approval.

Rules and obligations :

● You are responsible for promoting our products in an honest, ethical and professional manner.
● You must use only the marketing materials provided by BioHarmonizer and not alter or modify our materials without prior authorization.
● You may not promote our products on sites or platforms that are illegal, pornographic, violent, discriminatory or offensive.

Commissions :

● Commissions are calculated on the basis of sales generated per quarter by your affiliate channel.
● The standard commission rate is 10% of the total sales generated by your promotion.
● Commissions are calculated monthly.
● The commission withdrawal request will be made via your affiliate area on our website.
● Any fraudulent or improperly generated commissions will be voided and may result in termination of your program membership.

Bonus :

The affiliate program includes the ability to sponsor one of your partners in the affiliate system. This sponsorship will entitle you to 5% commission on future sales generated by your referral. Although we rarely refuse affiliate applications, please note that we reserve the right to refuse registration if the application is detrimental to the business.

Quarterly turnover | Commission rate

Up to USD 30,000 | 10% of sales
30,001 USD - 45,000 USD | 15% of sales
Over 45,000 USD | 20% of sales


Let's assume that we are at the beginning of the first quarter and that commission rates are as follows :

Example 1:
In the first quarter, you generate sales of USD 25,000. As this is in the range below USD 30,000, you will receive a 10% commission on this amount. In the following quarter, even if your sales remain at USD 25,000, you will continue to benefit from a 10% commission.

Example 2:
In the second quarter, you generate sales of USD 35,000. This places you in the 15% commission bracket. You will therefore receive a 15% commission on the amount you generate in the quarter following your upgrade. However, if your total sales for the quarter are less than 30,001 USD, your commission will be readjusted to 10% for the following quarter.

In short, you remain at the same commission tier throughout the current quarter, and the next tier update applies to the following quarter's sales. If you fail to reach the required tier for a given quarter, your commission will be readjusted to the lower tier for the following quarter.

Sales tracking and reporting :

● We provide sales tracking tools that allow you to monitor your performance and commissions in real time.
● You'll have access to an online dashboard where you can view your statistics and download detailed reports.

For further information about our affiliate program, please contact our dedicated team at the following address: affiliations@bioharmonizer.com.

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate system and we look forward to working with you to promote our products.

Best regards,
Your BioHarmonizer team

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