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All biological life on Earth needs electromagnetism to function and stay synchronized with the rhythms of life. These rhythms organize all vital activities, such as eating, sleeping , reproducing and so on. When we go out of phase with them, we experience problems. This is a well known scientific fact. Yet now, we are experiencing precisely these types of issues with all the electromagnetic fields and radiation created by man. These problems are growing all the time in scale and complexity. This is no longer a matter of belief, it is a matter of fact !!


The BioHarmonizer's purpose is to create a balanced, grounded electromagnetic environment. This allows your body to ground itself properly. This creates the necessary conditions for biological organisms to be well and thrive. All biology needs natural electromagnetism to function and to synchronize with life's rhythms. This is critical. Life depends on it.

At this point it needs to be said that this is not a matter of belief; it is a matter of fact. It is true that we cannot see nor hear it. This does not mean it is not there. And, we humans use electromagnetism everywhere. The information you receive on your phone comes to you magnetically. When it reaches the phone, it also reaches you and affects you, just like everything else. And it never stops. So, entertaining the belief that somehow this pollution moves right around you, it may be a good time to reconsider .


Today, our modern homes and living environment are cesspools of dirty electricity, commonly called "electrosmog". When electricity flows, it creates a magnetic field. The quality of the electricity reflects itself into the magnetic component. Clean electricity, clean magnetic field. So, the chaos of the electrosmog is reflected in the magnetic field. 

When electricity flows, it creates a magnetic field. The quality of the electricity reflects itself into the magnetic component. Clean electricity, clean magnetic field. So the chaos of the electrosmog is reflected in the magnetic field. As we go about our daily business, we resonate with these fields. We absorb and accumulate the electric charge. We cannot discharge this excess energy fast enough because it is around us all the time and everywhere: at home, at work, on transports, in the streets, railway and bus stations, in airports, movie theaters and so on.

This has immediate and very profound effects on our health and well being. They cannot be avoided, their effect on our body systems is constant and results in cumulative deterioration. Once a certain limit is crossed, consequences are permanent and irreversible. And, most of us are also not properly grounded in the Earth's magnetic field. 

It is important to note that most of this deterioration goes unnoticed. There is a sound reason. The calcium overload at the cellular level leads to oxidative stress, which in turn leads to nitrosative stress. The basic problem of restoring chemical balance inside the cell is routine for your immune system as is dealing with the stresses. Since there is no acute pain involved, it does not show up for you as a problem. This can go on for a long time because our bodies are very resilient. When you do start to notice, you are already well on your way with a deteriorating immune system and lessening ability to deal with physical issues.


The BH creates subtle piezoelectric energy by design. It has  paramagnetic  qualities and it connects with any ambient magnetic fields present in the environment. When your body interacts with the BioHarmonizer, excess body voltage is immediately discharged to ground. At the same time, you become magnetically grounded. As a consequence, you synchronize again with life's rhythms and a 'reset' appears to occur.


GIGO means 'garbage in, garbage out'. It is the same with our bodies. Every time we are exposed to a form of man made pollution, it messes with the information that runs our body. And every time, we have negative health and Well Being issues.

Your body is extraordinarily sophisticated and it is programmed to function properly. For it to function well, it needs a good environment and good 'information'. This means the natural 'information' available in subtle natural electromagnetic fields. Your BioHarmonizer helps you plug back into the 'source' of proper information.

In your home, everything is exposed to this ambient electrosmog, including your BioHarmonizer. As it traverses the BH, it interacts with the minerals that it contains. The electrosmog is filtered and aligned or harmonized. As a result, a gradual transformation takes place in the electromagnetic environment over the next 48 to 72 hours.

There is a reason for this fast response. In fact, the BioHarmonizer creates a fractal information field, that self-propagates throughout the magnetic field present in your home or wherever you are. This happens at the speed of light as the information moves through the magnetic field. It is a fact that nature, from the biggest to the smallest is fractal in nature. Our DNA functions like a fractal antenna. Our physical systems have a fractal development pattern. So, this appears to be the most suited method of restoring proper function to our bodies.

A beneficial environment is created and the effects are immediate and measurable. All biological systems in reach of the device are re-calibrated almost immediately and, after a brief adjustment period, the maintenance of homeostasis and Well Being appear to become easier. This is not the only function of the BioHarmonizer. It also facilitates taking care of the source of the problem, i.e. the quality of your electricity.


Dirty electricity considerably affects and degrades the proper functioning and the longevity of your electrical appliances as well as your electronic devices. Thanks to the presence of the BH, the chaos generated by the interaction between electrical and electronic devices stops completely. The environment does not allow for 'junk' to be created and the quality of the electricity improves drastically. Your appliances and devices work well and are less prone to breakdowns.

We use transportation all the time. We drive cars and trucks, travel in busses, trains and planes. All these modes of transport share a few things in common.

First, travelling is usually tiring, especially when you are driving. For quite a few people it is sleep inducing. Lapses of attention are common and distraction is most often the cause of accidents. There is a troubling upward tendency of traffic incidents involving people who have had moments of absence, resulting in involuntary acts with dramatic consequences. As if they were in a trance like state. These types of events are quite typical for long time cell phone users, such as the younger generations. The rise in road rage, clearly associated with unpredictable mood swings associated with intense and prolonged wireless exposure. Second, all these vehicles, and cars, trucks and busses in particular are electrosmog generators. They have a combination of mechanical, electrical and more and more electronics. The magnetic disturbance is tremendous. 

These two factors are of course related. The intense concentration of EMF in a small space is very stressful for your body. It has a strong effect on your brain and eyes. Driving in these conditions is by definition tiring for two reasons: first, you cannot ground yourself and are therefore electrically out of balance. Your body accumulates this charge. Second, you are magnetically disconnected, and therefore out of sync with Earth’s rhythms. As a consequence, your energy regulation gets messed up and your bodily functions become desynchronized. 

Taking your BH with you when you travel is a wise move. You restore your electromagnetic balance in a matter of minutes. Your ability to focus and concentrate for a long time increases drastically, you are able to have more detachment from traffic and what happens on the road. You can drive for longer periods, if necessary. Even after lengthy car trips, you arrive refreshed and ready to go. 

You can have fun driving, arrive in great shape, and even use your technology inside your car without being affected by electrosmog.

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