Frequently Asked Questions

BioHarmonizer is a range of innovative products designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields created by human activity and advanced technologies. Our products help to create an electromagnetically stable environment conducive to life.
Everyone can benefit from using our products, especially those who are frequently exposed to electromagnetic fields at home or at work, such as those from cell phones, computers and electronic devices.
Our "Home Dome" product is designed for use in your home. Simply place it in a central room to harmonize electromagnetic fields throughout the space.
BioHarmonizer is the fruit of many years of research and development. We take a scientific approach to understanding the effects of electromagnetic fields on human and environmental health, and develop our products based on this knowledge. Our commitment to quality and our mission to preserve life and health set us apart in the marketplace.
We draw on years of measured scientific research to develop our products. What's more, we've received many testimonials from satisfied customers who have noticed an improvement in their well-being after using our products. However, as each individual is unique, results may vary.
No, our products are designed to be durable and require no special maintenance. However, we recommend that you keep them clean and treat them with care to ensure their longevity.
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