Tammy Taylor, Ace Certified Health Coach

The need for our bodies to be grounded became quite clear to me a number of years ago as I was in recovery from serious health conditions. I was getting IV nutrient therapy at the time and my veins were not cooperating. My family has a history of heart attack and stroke, so I knew I needed to be proactive. I started researching how to improve my vein health and help my body. Everything pointed to getting grounded. I began spending time outside with my bare feet on the ground and I noticed an improvement. However, spending more than 30 minutes a day outside barefoot was quite a challenge,so I searched for an answer. That’s when I found the grounding wire. It became my limited solution because staying connected to a wire for long periods of time wasn’t easy.

Fast forward a few years and I became a certified health coach to help others discover their own optimal health. Over the last several years 100% of the people I have muscle tested at health fairs, seminars and privately are not grounded. When I then connected them to the grounding wire, they were becoming grounded. However, I still had the dilemma of knowing we need to be continually grounded to receive the full benefits from it.

When I was introduced to the bio-harmonizers I was very interested. After wearing it for a little over a month the results are absolutely amazing. I am sleeping well; my veins are very plump, I have more mental clarity in my thinking, my focus is greatly improved and my creative juices are flowing again. Varicose veins have been a problem for many years, and they have almost completely disappeared. And the most exciting thing is that every time I muscle test myself, I am grounded, even when I am in the car! Sharing the Bio Harmonizers with everyone I can is now a top priority.

Shelbie and sons.

My name is Shelbie Resendiz, i live in Texas, i'm in my thirties. I am a registered  nurse, i work in the emergency ward in a hospital.

Through divine intervention, I was aligned with Marc through a friend. The knowledge he has been gifted with and has poured into the BioHarmonizer is brilliant in my opinion. Never would I have imagined that this small mystical looking gadget would have such an impact on my health. 

Prior to it entering my household, I suffered from numerous health issues. My resting heart rate was 100-115, I had brain fog, constantly feeling a buzzing sensation, and I was losing my zest for life. My sleep was interrupted. I was only able to finally fall asleep after hours of trying. Enter the BioHarmonizer.  

When it arrived in the mail, I immediately opened it and was entranced at how beautiful it appeared to me. I was on my way to church and thus placed it in my purse. Midway through church service, I found myself feeling the need to push my purse away from my legs where it layed. It’s energy was so strong! I realized that I needed to slowly work up my time around it.  Over the course of a few days I worked my time up and about 3 nights later, I left it on my night-stand as I slept all night. I had dreams! Deep dreams! I couldn’t remember the last time I had had them. 

So, I began placing it on my desk while I worked on my computer. I could concentrate better!  Then came the ultimate test. Work... 

At work, I am bombarded with EMF input from every angle. Numerous computers in every room are all connected via Wi-Fi along with printers. I have to wear a wireless walkie-talkie around my neck. Our medical equipment now syncs with our computer system via Wi-Fi. I was feeling the input literally draining me day in and out. I felt mentally slow, unable to focus, irritable, my heart rate was unsteady and fast, I would have anxiety at times. I was beginning to lose the feeling of joy at providing care to others which had always provided my main source of joy. So the test came.  

I brought it to work in my pocket. I’ll never forget the day. I was taking care of an extremely ill patient. I was needing to do 3 things at a time. I began to notice how many people were coming by to offer help that I couldn’t accept because I was so on top of everything. Able to focus and organize my tasks. Cool as a cucumber. What could have easily been labelled as one of the worst days became a victory day. Needless to say, the BioHarmonizer comes to work with me every shift now. My heart rate doesn’t get irregular and pounding, my brain feels sharper, I am able to actually think and focus. 

Along the way, my now 11 year old son became entranced by this device we call Beauty. He is always going to my room and grabbing Beauty off the night stand. He has been labelled with autism symptoms and has an innate understanding of things that most don’t. According to him, this device helps any tummy or leg pains that he often gets by simply holding it next to the area. It helps his brain to focus while he does his homeschool. And it takes away night terrors when he uses it while sleeping. He says this works best by placing it under his pillow. He has requested to buy one for himself to keep on his night stand while he sleeps. 

I feel as if these few words on this page do not do Beauty the BioHarmonizer justice. She has been life changing. She goes with me most everywhere in my bag or pocket. I could go on a tangent about how sad this world is at impacting our health negatively, but I am every grateful for persons such as Marc who pour their gift and passion into mitigating and improving our time on the Earth. 

Michel D., Photographe

My name I Michel and I’m 65, I work with photography and computer equipment daily, and as a hobby, I build scale models. I have been suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis for more than 30 years. 


“Rheumatoid polyarthritis causes inflammation in several articulations at the same time. They swell up and become very painful, and the amplitude of movement becomes limited. Without treatment, these articulations start to deform gradually, over time. Rheumatoid polyarthritis most often affects hands, wrists and feet.”

This illness – and the painful deformations that come with it – started when I was about 30 years old. My articulations progressively deteriorated until 2002, when a change in my personal life stopped the progression of the articular destruction. Since that time, I no longer have a specific treatment. 

Before the BioHarmonizer, from time to time, I had sporadic pain in my knees, wrists and fingers, especially when the weather changed or I had done some physical effort. Even though I have had BioHarmonizers since 2014, the Home Dome and the Personal pendant arrived end 2019. I wear the pendant on my person all the time. Here is what I noticed since then.

I have no more articular pain whatsoever. The articulations that are damaged stay damaged and are quite rigid, but when I move them, they don’t hurt at all. This is particularly true for my fingers and wrists, when I want to do some precision work on my models. 

When I am on the job taking photographs, I can be standing for hours (up to 7-8 hours) with my equipment in hand; I no longer have any pain in my knees and ankles. Before, I could not stay upright for more than an hour without great pain, without needing to sit and rest. I have noticed that I have more strength in my legs, and my knees have more flexibility. 

The Home Dome stays at home. Like a lot of people, I live in an environment that is saturated with Wi-Fi and 4G. I have a router in my home, next to which I have placed the Home Dome. Since I received this equipment, here is what I’ve noticed:

    • I sleep profoundly and feel restored

    • I am intellectually and physically active all day, without difficulty 

    • My digestion is great and regular

    • I never have flu or anything else

    • If I get a cold, it passes quickly without the need to medicate

    • Example: I had some light food poisoning which was over in less than 48 hours

Other things I’ve noticed:

    • I find that my mind works faster when dealing with daily activities; I find solutions quickly. It is immediately obvious what needs to be done. 

    • My intuition has risen considerably, as well as my concentration capacity. I’ve noticed this in particular when driving. 

    • I am a lot calmer, and I don’t stress out when dealing with life and its challenges. 

In my home I have a fish tank with tropical fish. Since the Home Dome is around, all of the fish have become very alive and active. The living water plants are growing constantly, and to such an extent that I need to trim them so they don’t take over. 

A while ago, I decided to experiment. I did not wear my Personal Pendant for a day. I went for a drive and after 1 ½ hours, when I got out of the car, I felt like I was floating, not connected. It felt like I was not grounded. When I came back home at the end of the day, I gain placed the BioHarmonizer on my body and despite the fatigue I felt, I was quickly able to recover and continue for the rest of the evening. 

In conclusion: 

The Personal BioHarmonizer gives me a great sense of well-being in all circumstances, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend these 2 products to anybody. 

Thank you for reading my testimonial. 

Mylène Couture 

My name is Mylène Couture. I live in Thetford Mines, Canada. I am 32. I have a 5-year-old boy. 

For the longest time, I have been battling with a weak immune system. I was suffering from chronic neuropathic pains. I write this letter to bring my testimonial about my experience with the BioHarmonizer.

About 6 months ago, I had the opportunity to be given one of the early prototypes of the Bio Harmonizer. It has changed my life !

Since that moment, I have not been ill once, not even a flu. My pains, due to the fibromyalgia, have completely disappeared. My arms, fingers and shoulders have stopped being a source of suffering. Every day, I had to take afternoon naps for a few hours. These pains sapped me of all my energy, and I was constantly exhausted. I no longer have the need to take those naps. After the pain disappeared, I was no longer tired all the time and I can now easily get through my entire days, with energy to spare.  

Because of my hyperthyroid condition, I was developing a goiter. You could clearly see a swelling at the level of my throat. My mother remarked on that the other day, and she pointed out that it had almost completely gone away. 

Since the BioHarmonizer came into my home, I have been able to concentrate all my energies towards positive thoughts. I am better able to manage my emotions. I notice I have stopped anticipating the worst and inventing scenarios that are far removed from reality. I feel a lot calmer and am more stable in all aspects of my life, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or at work or with my boy. 

Every two weeks, I have a 6-hour drive back and forth to take my boy to this dad. I take the BioHarmonizer with me in the car and I've noticed that I can make the trip without any undue fatigue. 

I have had the good fortune of meeting these two wonderful friends who have changed my life with their BioHarmonizer. I'll never have enough words to thank them for changing my life so positively. My boy and I have seen the benefits very quickly. 


Mylène Couture

Doris Morissette, Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

My name is Doris. I am 67 years of age. Here is my feedback on my experience with the BioHarmonizer. 

    • More productive.

My normal peak productivity is mornings, but I find that afternoons are just as productive now and that is also extended until early evening at that high level of productivity.

That translates into at least an additional 6 hours per day that I can work at my peak mental abilities.

    • Greater intuitiveness.

I find during my sessions with my clients now, that I just have a “knowing” about something.  It happens spontaneously.  When I check with my clients, and/or when they muscle test whatever came up, they will confirm this “knowing” as correct.    This is something that has been increasing the longer I wear the BH.

    • Feeling more “cohesive”.

As in gathered rather than scattered.  

    • Easily able to maintain focus.

Again, instead of just a limited time during the day, this is now throughout the work day and beyond. I am able to research and write articles with ease.

    • Easily able to learn new material & retain it.

As it was in my 20's and 30's.

    • I only take the BH off while showering.  If, for some reason, I neglect to put it back on right away, I just don't feel like myself.  

   • On another note, I have to say I noticed a new "calm".  Rather like feeling settled.  Like a sense of assurance in myself.  A feeling of really being myself is another attribute I notice.  So much so that I feel inside more like I felt in my 20s and 30s.  It is rather disturbing, however, to look in the mirror and see my physical age reflected back at me.  You know, Marc, you really need to come up with something for that!

Catherine and Bernard D. , Venthone, Suisse

We have been wearing our BioHarmonizer pendants for 6 months now. Thanks to it, we feel extremely calm and serene. It allows us to have a great energy for our sports activities. 

We also enjoy the Home Dome in our house. After 6 months, we notice there is a pronounced state of serenity here also. This is so for us, parents and adolescent, but also for our lovely dog (4 years old) who also calmed down considerably. 

Our house plants have come alive. They are visibly doing a lot better, aspect wise and growth wise. 

When we make long car trips to visit family in Belgium, our Home Dome helps us have an effortless trip. We don’t have the usual fatigue effects. My wife usually sleeps at least half of the driving time. Our last trip, she was wide awake, but for a short nap. For me, time flew by, and when I arrived, I was not tired and totally alert. 

Bernard, February 10 2020

Marie Anne V.

My name is Marie. I am a mother of 5 children. I was a nanny for 25 years. I am 59 years of age. 

For years, I imagined that i was in good health. I payed attention to what I ate by eating as organic as possible. I used natural methods to maintain my balance, I practiced sports on a regular basis, despite work, my family, social events, training events etc. In short, I was leading a very active life with a body that I considered top notch. 

So, why was I always feeling tired ? Why did I bloat one day out of two ? Why did my diet produce yo yo effects with my weight ? How come that, despite all my efforts and precautions, I could not stay at my best in the long term ? Why constantly all these migraines, skin problems, allergies ? 

Answers started coming when I got acquainted with the Bioharmonizer version 1; I understood that I was in fact very sensitive to my electromagnetic environment. Yes, now, with hindsight over a couple of years, I can see that my home became gradually more polluted. Imagine a family with 5 children that grew up surrounded by technology, computers coming into the house, followed by cellphones, video games, tablets, chargers and laptops everywhere. Add the effects from the outside with all the antennas and transmission stations that pop up, and the evolution through 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. I had never taken all this into account when I evaluated my health issues. 

As soon as I started wearing the BioHarmonizer, I started to notice that I could again walk  underneath or close to major electrical powerlines without the usual burning sensation around and in my ears. I can stay without discomfort in places with high concentrations of signals, such as a shopping mall. The BioHarmonizer has allowed me to find calmness, as if my electrical circuits were constantly discharging to earth. If I forget my BioHarmonizer, I quickly feel that it is missing. In the beginning, I was reminded by my body; I had widespread inflammation and the absence of the BH immediately made me feel worse. Headaches, tingling in my feet and legs, a racing heart, shortness of breath, and so on. 

The Bioharmonizer has been with me for 4 years. I can say that I went from hyper sensitive to normally sensitive. Every day is filled with a sense of well being which is durable and constant. My body functions are optimal. I pay attention to my body and listen for telltale signs of imbalance, so I can correct immediately. I have the same weight as when I was a young woman. I experience a great calmness of mind and am able to concentrate effortlessly. This was often a problem for me. 

The Bioharmonizer has helped me to no longer swim upstream, weighed down by the problems of life. I live life as it comes, I feel more serene and satisfied with my experiences.


My name is Mathias. I’m in my thirties, I live in Belgium. 

In 2015, I met Marc Simon at Namur Expo during an exhibition on Geobiology. I was at that time searching myself profoundly. I was tired, sick, lost and depressed. There was something about this stand that drew my attention. I could not figure it out at first. Then I started having a conversation with Marc and Marie Anne, and I understood what had stirred me up... the BioHarmonizer. (it was in its early development then)

They explained to me how this tool, this life companion worked and what are its benefits. I wanted to find out, and so I started using it right away. Right away, I felt more together, I felt a strong grounding sensation, and my spirits lifted straight away. 

Since then, my BioHarmonizer has continued to deliver its positive results to this day. Thanks to the grounding effect, I’ve become more anchored and have found my pathway in life. I’m looking forward to the Home Dome and the pendant. 

Thank you to Marie Anne and Marc for having been there at the right time. 

Mathias Podsiadlo

Marie France

My name is Marie France and I live in the east of France. I’m 55 years of age. I am a retired registered nurse and instrument specialist. 

When Marc created the first BioHarmonizer in early 2014, I was one of the first to get one. It was a little pouch at the time. Straight from the beginning, I always had it in my pocket. 

All this time, I felt great and secure when I had it with me. When Marc brought out the Home Dome and the new pendant, I didn’t hesitate to go to my bank to organize payment for it. Health has no price. I took this decision because I personally saw many changes happen for me and for those around me. 

Before all this, I felt “hypo-sensitive”, as if I was disconnected from my sensations and intuitions. I often had very impulsive reactions. I felt very anxious, nervous and stressed all the time. This led to a second burnout at work. And little by little, I started to listen more to my sensations and to my intuition, becoming more attuned and sensitive as time moved on. I trust my intuition implicitly now. 

Before, I felt like I was carrying around this massive, heavy armor. Now, I have no need to shield myself. My intentions have become more clear because I trust myself. This has enabled me to make some very good decisions for my well being. This in turn allows me to be more serene, calm and poised. 

I also notice that the speed and quickness of my thought has greatly improved. I have great clarity of thought and I’m more precise. As there are no coincidences, I also met my current life partner who fits my ideal. I feel more expanded, serene and happy. 

And, I’m not alone !!!

In my old apartment, my cat had calmed down tremendously with the arrival of the Home Dome. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, she again adapted to the new environment in no time. 

My orchid had not had flowers for a number of years. She has now produced 2 flowers in 4 months !! I have never seen anything like it !

It is wonderful to see that the Home Dome and the pendant are having such positive effects on living beings ! I know that if I go out without my pendant, I quickly notice and often go back to retrieve it. I feel completely safe and know that I’m equipped for the 5G wave that is coming. I know I’m protected anywhere I choose to go in the company of this “guardian angel”.

Réal Thibault

My name is Réal Thibault. I live in Québec. 

For more than a year, I had been searching for a way to counter the effects of 5G. I contacted specialists familiar with the effects of electromagnetism. Several solutions were offered. One in particular attracted my attention because of what the founder told me. 

Mr. Marc Simon is not only a tenacious researcher, he is a teacher and now a friend. I had the privilege of meeting Marc, the founder of BioHarmonizer. He took the time to teach me and I noticed a number of issues for myself, concerning my home and my physical well-being. 

Equipment, such as microwave ovens, smart meters, and Wi-Fi routers had a great impact on me. Just like the people who I present the Personal BioHarmonizer to, when I held it in my hand, I felt an immediate response in my hand and then up my arm. Already in the first few days, I felt a raise in my energy level which then became like a stable condition. After a few months with the Home Dome in my house, I became aware that I was more relaxed, less stressed out. 

Friends and acquaintances who also purchased BioHarmonizers, have experienced the same well-being, and for some it is even more remarkable. 

I believe in the well-being these devices provide and I have decided to help my parents, friends and acquaintances benefit from the protection against the effects on their health and their environment. 

Thank you, Marc

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